Rack HD Wireless Video Receiver

Rack HD Wireless Video Receiver


1, Stable transmission of audio and video signals in high-speed mobile and
multi-path interference environments

2, Output Interface Two CVBS/One HDMI or SDI Output at the same time

3, High Receiving Sensitivity

4, Spatial Diversity Receiving Capability

5, It has a very strict encryption mode.

6, Frequency and bandwidth can be adjusted directly on the panel.

7, Standard rack type, easy to install

8, Frequency has a wide range of applications.



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Rack HD Individual Unit Receiver
Model UT-400RX
Stable transmission of audio and video signals in high-speed mobile and multi-path interference environments
Output Interface Two CVBS/One HDMI or SDI Output at the same time
High Receiving Sensitivity
Spatial Diversity Receiving Capability
It has a very strict encryption mode.
Frequency and bandwidth can be adjusted directly on the panel.
Standard rack type, easy to install
Frequency has a wide range of applications.
Technical parameters
Working band 520MHz + 6MHz
Receiving parameters can be adjusted directly on the panel or set by remote control, such as bandwidth and frequency.
Audio and video output  CVBS, HDMI/SDI
Video Compression Standard H.264 Technical Standard
Resolution D1 (720*576), 720P, 1080P
Antenna Receiving Dual Set
Receiving technology omnidirectional antenna reception
Receiving sensitivity  -106 dBm
Adjustable frequency, channel bandwidth, protection interval, password, etc.
Power supply indication, signal indication
Weight 2.5kg
Power supply AC 220V/DC12V
Shape 1U, 19 inch machine
Dimension 430mm *330mm *45mm (L *W *H)
Working environment temperature: – 30 – 70 C relative humidity: 90%
Preservation Environment Temperature: -40-80 C Relative Humidity: 90%


Widely used for:


Unmanned aerial vehicles, manned aerial vehicles, public security, fire protection, traffic police, civil air defense, forest fire prevention, border defense, customs, water conservancy, electric power, oil field, gas pipeline, urban management law enforcement, environmental protection monitoring, land, radio and television, wharf monitoring, building monitoring, etc. Long-distance transmission occasions inconvenient wiring, aerial reconnaissance, aerial photography, aerial laying monitoring, etc.










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