Full-enclosed carbon fiber Drone frame UT4-1100

Full-enclosed carbon fiber Drone frame UT4-1100




We can provide spare parts,so you should have experience to assemble and fly the drone.

(1) frame only

(2) frame + motor + propeller +ESC + battery (flight controller and other parts are optional )




Product Features:

1. One-step forming of all carbon fiber fuselage.


2. Fireproof, rainproof and dustproof design.


3. Perfect aerodynamic design, high wind resistance


4. Arm with Gradient plug structure, convenient replacement and maintenance.


5. Patented design of loose-proft connecting piece,assembly and disassembly without tool


6. Efficient power for long flight time.


7. GPS hovering, Waypoint automatic flight Plan.


Model UT4-1100
Max.Flight Time:(@standard takeoff weight) 62 Minutes
Max.Takeoff Weight 12 KG
Standard Payload 3 KG
Wheelbase Size 1150mm
Fuselage Height 500mm
Wingspan Size 2300mm
Wing-resistance < 10m/s
Fuselage Weight 2KG
Max. Flight Altitude 1000m
Work Weather Sunny day, light rain, light snow











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