Battery-Powered VTOL Fixed-wing Drone UT-VF12E

Battery-Powered VTOL Fixed-wing Drone UT-VF12E


Vertical Takeoff and Landing

Long Flight Time

Heavy Payload

Smart Flight Control



It is better that you have experience to assemble and fly the drone.

(1) spare parts: frame only

(2) spare parts: frame + motor + propeller +ESC

(3) completed drone : frame + motor + Propeller + ESC + battery + flight  controller






Model UT-VF12E
Fuselage Length 0.9m
Wingspan Size 2.5m
Max.Takeoff Weight 12KG
Max.Payload 2.5KG
Max.Flight Time 150 minutes ( 1KG payload )
Flight Radius 80 KM
Max.Speed 60-190 KM/H
Max. Height 4 KM
Wing-resistance < 12m/s
Work Temperature ﹣10℃~45℃
Work Weather Sunny day, light rain, light snow
Power Battery 2 pcs 4000MaH-6S Lipo
1 pcs 35000MaH-6S Lipo
Package Size 70cm*50cm*20cm
Max. Control Distance Remote Controller (Manual Control): 1km
Ground Station ( Program Control):  30km


Vertical take-off and landing fixed wing is a set of vertical lift system superimposed on fixed-wing UAV, which basically realizes the combination of multi-rotor and fixed wing in structure, and has the ability of vertical takeoff and landing, fixed-point hovering and high-speed cruise.


This combination is a typical complementary model, the fixed wing has a long endurance, but take-off and landing needs runway; multi-rotor can take-off and landing vertically and hover, but the problem of endurance can not be solved,
simply bundle the two, and the function will be superimposed.



The working principle is: flying in multi-axis mode at take-off, landing and low speed, overcoming gravity and aerodynamic drag by pulling force generated by multiple propellers; flying in fixed-wing mode at high speed, overcoming gravity by aerodynamic lift and overcoming aerodynamic drag by pulling forward propeller.




Electric power inspection

Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection

Forest Fire Inspection Patrol

Pest and Disease Monitoring

Resource survey:

Forest Resources Survey

Survey of Agricultural Resources

Surface resource survey

Investigation of crimes:

Police investigation

Border investigation


Geographic Information Surveying and Mapping

Aerial photogrammetry







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