Agriculture Spray Drone NP-1

Agriculture Spray Drone NP-1

1, longer flight time,Spray automatically,Auto-return home

2, heavy load,up to 10L

3, GPS positioning,hovering, Waypoint automatic flight

4, Auto take-off with one tap

5, Continue to spray at Breakpoint Automatic height setting

6, Failsafe: If the Intelligent Flight Battery is running low, or if your drone loses the connection

7, with your remote controller for any reason, the drone will automatically return to the takeoff point and land safely.





 We can provide spare parts,so you should have experience to assemble and fly the drone.

(1) frame only

(2) frame + motor + propeller +ESC (flight controller and other parts are optional )





1. Fuselage adopts high strength carbon fiber and aviation aluminum CNC processing molding craft,with ultra light and high intensity .

2. Fuselage waterproof, anti-corrosion

3. Convenient design of pesticide box,save preparation ime,enhance spraying efficiency greatly

4. folded arm structure,convenient for transportation and installation,reduce the cost of transportation and maintenance.

5. The built-in baffle, prevent vibration, improve the spraying quality

6. GPS hovering, Waypoint automatic flight Plan.

7,With pressure type nozzle,nozzle can be replaced according to different medicament,adjust the flow rate and atomization effect .


Model NP-1
Wheelbase 1500mm
Fuselage Size 1450mm*1450mm*500mm
Payload 10L
Work Height 3-10m
Spray Speed 1-10m/s
Spray efficency 1500-2000square meter / minute
Spray Time 7-12 minutes/one time takeoff
Spray flow 150-500 ml/minutes (adjustable)
Spray width 3m (depending on reality)
Dose per square centimeter 40-250 drop
Wind-resistance < 10m/s
GPS hover Accuracy Vertical: ± 0.5m; Horizontal: ± 2m
Remote Control Distance: 2 KM
Max.Takeoff Weight 28 KG
Wheelbase size (motor to motor): 1400mm
Wingspan Size 2200mm
Motor Brushless
ESC 100A brushless
Propeller 30 inch carbon fiber
Battery 12S li-po,2 pcs 16000 MaH






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