Smart Agriculture Spray Drone T410

Smart Agriculture Spray Drone T410


1, it is one-time forming carbon fiber frame,you don’t need to assemble and test  when you receive the drone,just need Calibration of magnetic compass and then fly it

2, Support Automatic obstacle avoidance and RTK

3, with smart battery

4, Waypoint automatic flight,Continue to spray at Breakpoint Automatic height setting

5, Support Imitate Ground Flight,Automatic height setting



It has the same features as DJI Agras





(1) frame + motor + propeller +ESC + flight controller  + battery + other kits (brushless pump,nozzle etc…)







1,Equipped with professional crop protection flight control and intelligent data processing platform.


2, Sturdy modular design for users convenience. Precise praying with dual pumps, FPV, and obstacle avoidance system.


Stable Performance:

High Performance Flight Control System

Obstacle Avoidance and Terrain Following Radar


Precise Operation

Centimeter Level Precision

Precise Spraying Flow Control


Safe and Reliable

Sturdy Carbon Fiber Fuselage Multiple Protection Mechanisms


Convenient Management

Intelligent Operation Report Accurate Operation Statistic


Economically Competitive

Great Functions With Even Greater Economical Value



Accurate Operation

High precise combined radars with accuracy of <10cm, realizes both obstacle avoidance and three-dimensioned terrain following at the same time.


Built-in dual GNSS module; with RTK differential system (optional), able to accurately orientate and implement centimeter-level positioning.


Double pressurized atomization with real-time spraying work monitoring and accurate spraying flow calculation. The statistic error of flowmeter is less than 5%.

Supports one-key to set plot spraying parameter



Stable and Reliable

Industrial level precise dual backup configuration design, with built-in shock absorber structure for a completely safe operation.
Sturdy and light carbon fibre fuselage.
Sustainable and compact structure design, prolong the operation life span.
Extra protection for low voltage and lost control.


Convenient Management

Efficient operation data transmission and analysis.
Intelligent data platform generates operation reports for each flight and warns any potential dangers during flight.
Accurate calculation of the work statistic, computed based on each operational data,making it easy to calculate the  operating costs.



Model T410
Wheelbase 1500mm
Fuselage Size 1450mm*1450mm*500mm
Weight 10.5KG(without battery)
15.5KG(with battery)
Hovering time 22 minutes (without payload)
1o minutes (with full tank)
Simulating Ground Radar to Determine High Precision ±0.02m
Fixed height range 1~10m
Obstacle Avoidance Perception Range 1~20m
nozzle type High pressure fan-shape nozzle
Nebulizatio particles 130 – 250 μm (XR11001VS)
Payload 10L
Work Height 1-3 m
Spray Speed 1-10m/s
Spray efficency 1500-2000square meter / minute
Spray Time 7-12 minutes/one time takeoff
Spray flow 150-500 ml/minutes (adjustable)
Spray width 4-6m (depending on reality)
Dose per square centimeter 40-250 drop
Wind-resistance < 12m/s
GPS hover Accuracy Vertical: ± 0.5m; Horizontal: ± 2m
Remote Control Distance: 2 KM
Max.Takeoff Weight 26 KG
Wheelbase size (motor to motor): 1400mm
Wingspan Size 2200mm
Motor Brushless
ESC 100A brushless
Propeller 30 inch carbon fiber
Battery 12S li-po,2 pcs 16000 MaH







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